Fibro Yoga Bundle

In just a few minutes each day, to lessen the pain, enhance mobility, better sleep, and a better grip on  nasty flare-ups.

Only $27

Helped 100 of people with fibro YOga bundle

Designed to reduce persistent pain such as muscle aches, soreness, joint stiffness, lack of sleep, and fatigue?

Yoga for fibro

Who is this for?

Who wants to decrease your pain and flare-ups?


Who wants to sleep better and feel rejuvenated?


Who wants to have more focus and concentration?


yoga healing for fibro focus bundle

$ 27 1 time investment
  • Here's what is included
  • Self-Paced, 9-Video Series To Follow Along with step by step instructions
  • Less than 30 Min of yoga flow designed for 3 level of severity of symptoms so you are NOT pushing yourself more than you can handle
  • Audio Body Scan Relaxation to relieve muscle spasms before going to bed -To Relax And Sleep Deeper
  • Progressive relaxation to relieve muscle tone and tension -
  • Focus Medication To Improve The Concentration
  • Special Flare- Up -Yoga Routine To Quickly Recover When In Flare-Ups

Your journey begins with a set of 9 carefully crafted video series, designed with step-by-step instructions. 

Each video teaches you to execute yoga postures safely, guiding breath-work, easing pain, promoting relaxation, and improving mobility and function with slow and gentle yoga flow. 

You can progress from level 1 to level 3 at your own pace.

Level 1 – Gentle Awakening Yoga

  • Ideal for severe fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • Gentle flows to introduce movement without causing flare-ups.
Level 1 yoga
level 2 yoga

Level 2 – Nurture & Soothe Yoga

  • Designed for moderate symptoms.
  • Build strength, move freely without stiffness,  reduce nerve pain
  • AND MORE..

Level 3 – Dynamic Empowerment Yoga

  • For milder symptoms.
  • Introduces core stability and balancing poses to boost strength and balance.
level 3 yoga
Body scan relaxation

Body Scan relaxation

  • Perfect to practice  before bed
  • Listen to the audio and follow the steps as you get ready to sleep. 
  • Promotes the deep stage of sleep so you feel rejuvenated every morning

Progressive Relaxation

  • Reduce stress,
  • Alleviates the pain,
  • Enhance sleep, and
  • Relieves the muscle tone, tension, and achiness
  • Deepen the mind-body connection
Yoga for fibro




Femoral glides

A concise 25-minute routine designed to melt away muscle tension. 

Gently mobilize nerves and expedite your recovery from flare-ups.



Meditation is designed to lift fibrofog.  

  • Improved Concentration: 
  • Enhanced Memory: 
  • Chakra Balancing: 

Your NO-RISK, Money-Back Guarantee

I know you might be wondering if this will work for you. I’m fully confident of the VALUE this yoga bundle to help you to recover from fibromyalgia symptoms.  

However, I get that it may still feel daunting to spend your hard-earned cash. For that reason, I offer a 14-day no-risk refund policy. 

Show my team that you’ve done the work consistently for 14 days and it didn’t give you any value. And we’ll give you your money back, no further questions asked. 

meet Your Yoga Teacher

During my 23 years as a physical therapist, I’ve spent the last 10 years specializing in chronic pain, including fibromyalgia. I’m also a yoga teacher. Every week, I see how effective yoga is for pain relief, often more lasting than some medical treatments. This bundle is the result of my years of experience and my genuine desire to help those with fibromyalgia.

Dipti Patel

Are you ready to reduce the pain and improve the mobility

  1. Level 1 – Yoga for severe symptoms of persistent pain 
  2. Level 2 – Yoga for moderate symptoms of persistent pain 
  3. Level 3 –  Yoga for mild Fibromyalgia
  4. Body Scan Relaxation: 
  5. Progressive Relaxation: 
  6. Focus meditations 
  7. Special yoga flow for Flare-up management 

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