Useful Tools to helps to you manage your persistent pain better


  • Living in persistent pain can be lonely and isolating.
  • It feels like NO one really understands and NO one really listens. 
  • Even the ones who care do their best to support you but they really don’t say the right thing or don’t know how to support you. 
  • I believe you don’t have to go to this journey alone. 
  • Connection and community is so important in this healing process. 
  • Join our Facebook Tribe, SFF Pain Relief to feel supported, accountable and also learn the neuroscience behind Pain, and useful hacks and tools that provide incredible value to your healing journey. 


Dipti Patel
care companion handbook

Handbook: How to support your loved ones dealing with PERSISTENT pain- 

This guide provides practical ways for friends/family members to better support their loved ones with chronic pain so that they can make gains in their healing journey.
What’s Included:
  • Learn the words that harm and those that heal.
  • Discover actions that speak louder than words.
  • Find hands-on tips to provide meaningful support.
  • Learn to care for yourself while caring for others.
  • Navigate the challenges caregivers face with ease.
Pacing log book

Pain/Symptoms & Pacing Logbook – $9

Keep your health habits in check, handle flare-ups fast, and make doctor visits smoother. All in one spot!

What’s Included:
  • 159 pages with guides and key terms.
  • Editable pages to fill in.
  • Tracker to manage flare-ups by teaching you methods to tackle them before they happen.
  • Keep all your health info and dates in one place with the Health Log.
  • Prepare for doctor visits with one page. Fill it out, bring it along, and make your appointments more effective and time-saving.

Therapeutic Eating Plan

To Reverse Chronic Inflammation 


200+ page Ebook 

What’s Included: 

  • 135+ vegan including high protein Recipes.
  • Tailored Meal plans to combat illness and boost health.
  • Supplement guide for optimal health without breaking the bank.
  • Maximize medicinal benefits with smart food combinations
  • Learn the art of eating for optimal gut health.

Find Out Why You Hurt Before You Heal Guide

Are you struggling with pain that just won’t go away, we may have the answer for you. Our method is a safe and effective way to get to the root of your pain problem. So you can start living your life again.

Create Your Own Unique Mobility Flow In 7 DAYS

Stop treating the painful body parts first. This makes the PAIN PATHWAY STRONGER THAN BEFORE. Instead, focus on non-painful dysfunctional body parts first, to take the strain off of the painful areas.​

27 Recipe book to reverse chronic pain

27 Recipe book to Reverse Chronic Pain

Lowering pain volume is never (read: NEVER) just about tissues, bones, slipped discs, or tendons.

If you *actually* want to heal, you must consider treating your entire body and mind. This includes FOOD, which contains major building blocks for healing. 

Therapeutic pain Relief One on One Consulation

You’ll get access to the learning lessons, action steps, coaching calls, and private community so you can get to retraining your nervous system right away.

ONE ON ONE Consultation

$100/ 60 Min session

VIP Consultation Package

$300/4 - 60 Min sessions

ONE ON ONE Consultation

$100/ 60 Min session

What is included in the first call

Will discuss: Your pain story, where is pain located, how much, how long you have been dealing with pain, and what have you tried to get relief?

A functional mobility assessment from head to toe gives us a clear overview of all the dysfunctions.

Discover how well your body feels things like texture, sharpness, and temperature touch via Tactile Acuity Assessment. 

SMART Goal Setting: What motivates you to get out of chronic pain and transform your life?

Will provide a summary of your Pain Problem  and BLUEPRINT TO YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE based on your pain problem.

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