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Pain and symptoms checker

Do you sometimes feel like you’re walking on cracking ice, unsure of when it might break? One moment, you’re dancing and laughing under the clouds,

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Neuropathic Pain

Welcome to our blog on understanding your pain problem! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of pain you may experience –

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Degenerative Disc Disease on MRI

Degenerative Disc Disease seen on MRI is the most common diagnosis as the cause of spine pain. Despite how common it is, the diagnosis of

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Chronic Low Back Pain

There are two main reasons your chronic low back pain or associated pain in the legs, also called sciatica, doesn’t get better. Find out why….

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Exercise principles to reduce chronic pain

Exercise can be an effective way to reduce pain and improve mobility over time, but sometimes it can aggravate chronic low back pain. While there

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5 Phrases to avoid while talking to your loved one in chronic pain

 This article aims to help you better understand how to talk to someone suffering from chronic pain in your life. I commend you for taking

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5 Steps to healing through breathing

Breathing is very powerful technique for overall health and natural chronic pain relief. Most chronic pain sufferers have been introduced to diaphragmatic (belly) breathing only,

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Power of Anti-Inflammatory Foods in healing from chronic pain

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Foods are better alternatives to managing chronic pain compared to NSAIDs. If you have chronic pain, chances are you’ve turned to NSAIDs

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