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My Therapeutic Pain Relief Philosophy

I graduated in 2001 from Srinivas College in India with a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. After completing a traditional master’s program in orthopedic physical therapy from Oakland University, MI, I went through extensive training in manual therapy techniques, Therapeutic Pain Specialist, yoga instruction, segmental functional mobility assessment, and much more. 


Nowadays, I work in a  hospital’s outpatient physical therapy department as a persistent pain physical therapist. On the side, I offer online programs, boot camps, workshops, and masterclasses to resolve disabling persistent pain and help people regain active, pain-free days.


My mission is to help those frustrated and disappointed with traditional medical treatments and provide them with a comprehensive, holistic treatment approach to heal inside out, alleviate pain, establish sustainable, pain-free, active days, and dare to say, a pain-free life.

My Approach

Early in my clinical practice, I found that patients in persistent pain were the most intimidating and challenging to treat. I was eager to help and make a difference, but it was clear that my skill set was inadequate.


But with 23 years of experience combining Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification along with yoga teacher training and Functional Movement Specialist certification gave me valuable tools to lessen chronic pain, improve functional mobility, and, most importantly, give my clients hope to be pain-free. 


Everything started to make sense since learning to view persistent/chronic pain through a neuroscience lens. My heart for people with persistent pain grew as I started seeing incredible results with this approach.  


My approach combines the BioPsychoSocial principle to treat the WHOLE person. 


Jan 2001;              Bachelor of Physiotherapy                                                       Srinivas College of Physiotherapy,  India

May 2008;           Master of Physical Therapy.                                                     Oakland University, Rochester, MI

May 2007;            Certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist.            Oakland University, Rochester, MI

July 2014;              Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.          American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

Oct  2019;             Certified Lymphedema Therapist,                                        Norton School of Lymphedema therapy

May 2020;            Yoga Teacher Training,                                                              Aligned Yoga, Yoga Alliance.

Sep 2021;              Functional Movement Specialist                                           Functional Movement System.

Dec 2022;              Therapeutic Pain Specialist                                                    Evidence in Motion, Purdue University

2001- present;      Licensed Physical Therapist.                                                 Various state licenses 

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