Are you a hardworking woman juggling work, family, and the relentless pain and fatigue from persistent pain?

Have you tried pills, procedures, injections, surgeries,  spinal cord stimulators, massage, acupuncture, or painful rounds of physical therapy, without getting lasting pain relief?


May Accelerated Therapeutic Pain Relief Program is for you!

My MOST Comprehensive Step By Step System Helps You To Uncover Your Pain Problem And Treat stubborn Pain To give lasting pain Relief  In 10 WEEKS 

I have had pain in my back, feet/toes, both knees, thighs, hips, neck, and shoulders for the last 10 years. I was without hope when I came to see Dipti in a wheelchair. My pain has gradually decreased in 4 months and significantly reduced in 6 months. I walk without a cane now. I have rebuilt a lot of strength with minimal flare-ups. I sleep better, overall. I used to take 2 Advil and 2 Tynelol every day, haven’t taken any in the last four months. I love the thought process and principles I learned working with Dipti. Dipti is incredibly smart and educated in her craft. She is a good teacher and fairly patient while helping her patient’s to be goal oriented. "
Hannah Steng
Hannah Steng
58 years old

PAY ATTENTION Because This Is Important If You
If you Don’t Want To Stay Trapped In Pain Forever.


You have persistent pain  longer than 1 year and in more than two, body parts have not responded to medications

You are proactive parent or desk working individual who would like to go back to active life style without pain stopping you. 

You’re overwhelmed and confused by mysterious associated symptoms like headaches, skin rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, irritability;

You would like to get off the never-ending hamster wheel of the medical appointments that have let you down again & again, and instead want a more holistic approach that addresses the source of the pain, not just the symptoms;

You are looking for a treatment approach that works WITHOUT side effects or no serious risk;

You are done with full of fluff, voodoo, or pseudoscience approaches and are looking for real, science-based proven ways to manage your pain naturally;

You are open-minded, love learning, are coachable and confident to take your care into your own hands, and can commit to 10 weeks of rewarding work.

You’re in the right place!

In my Therapeutic Pain Relief program, I will walk you through every single step needed to achieve ever-lasting pain relief so you can live a normal PAIN-FREE active life.

By the end of the program you will achieve

Move more & confidently

without fear of what might happen next,
enjoy walks, hikes, gardening, and exercise without risking flare-ups

Improved sleep

Rejuvenate each night without being awakened by pain.

lasting Pain relief

Completely transform the way you think and handle your pain problem, and become equipped with tools and strategies to handle flare ups

Enjoy a social life

and schedule Events Without The Fear Of Needing To Cancel

It Is Time To Combat The Pain For Good, Just Like These Chronic Pain Warriors

The longer the pain lingers, the stronger the pain pathways become.

when it comes to tackling pain;

The Sooner you address the pain, the easier it is to reverse the NEUROPLASTIC changes in the nervous system


To the Persistent Pain symptoms?

You can get back to Pain-free normal active days

Therapeutic Pain Relief

A blueprint for PAIN-FREE life

Each Phase In The Therapeutic Pain Relief Program; 

Contains short videos And Exercises specially created To Move You Forward In Your Transformation (Not Just Teach You Stuff!),

When Applicable, Includes  Detailed Tables And a Checklist You Can use to track your progress.  

Weekly videos and worksheets to easily move through the program.

Biopsychosocial assesment

At the end of this section, you receive a summary of your Pain Problem –  your BLUE PRINT TO YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE.

Phase 1 Why Do I hurt

Phase 1: Why Do I Hurt?

Learn PAIN NEUROSCIENCE PRINCIPLES (PNE) over 1-2 weeks, face pain challenges with confidence and clarity

Tactile acuity

Phase 2: Sensory Drills

Build MIND-BODY Connection to Retrain the nervous system

Mirror therapy

Phase 3: Too Hot to Handle

Reduce PAIN FLARE-UPS, Improve Motor Function, Enhance activity tolerance over 2-4 weeks

Femoral glides

Phase 4: Neurodynamics

Reduce Pain, Decreased Nerve Sensitization, Improved Sensation and RANGE OF MOTION over the course of 2 -3 weeks

Functional mobility exercises

Phase 5: Therapeutic Flow

At the end of this section, you receive a summary of your Pain Problem –  your BLUE PRINT TO YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE.

our comprehensive program consists of Biopsychosocial Assessment and Five Phases

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Develop Blueprint to pain-free Days - Biopsychosocial Assessment 

At the end of this section, you receive a summary of your Pain Problem –  your BLUE PRINT TO YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE

Biopsychosocial assessment consist of 6 sessions of uncovering medical history, psychosocial history, comprehensive entire body functional mobility assessment, tactile acuity assessment and SMART GOAL setting.
Committing just a little time over the span of 5-7 days, consists of three -15 minutes sessions, and two more in-depth sessions that take around 30 minutes each.

Phase 1: Why do I have pain?

Learn Pain Neuroscience Principles over 1-2 weeks, face pain challenges with confidence and clarity


Reduced Pain Perception: Knowledge changes how our brain interprets pain signals! 
Less Fear of Movement: Break the cycle of pain & fear avoidance.
Shift in Beliefs: Why weather and stress impact your pain so things finally make sense.
Improved Coping: Knowledge guides better pain strategies.
Fewer Meds: Understand pain, reduce the reliance on pills.


Phase 2: Sensory drills

Build Mind-Body Connection to Retrain the nervous system over the course of 2-4 weeks


  • Reduced Pain Sensitivity: By sharpening the body’s ability to differentiate between various tactile stimuli, the brain can more accurately interpret pain signals, often resulting in decreased pain sensitivity. 
  • Improved Body Mapping: Chronic pain can blur the brain’s body map or the representation of the body in the brain. Enhancing tactile acuity can help ‘remap’ this representation, leading to better body awareness and reduced pain.
  • Enhanced Proprioception: Alongside improved tactile perception, sensory drills can help enhance proprioception, or the sense of body position, which can contribute to better movement mechanics and reduced injury risk



  • Reduced Pain Flare-ups: By not over-exerting yourself, you can prevent sudden increases in pain that can occur after activity.
  • Enhanced Activity Tolerance: Over time, you can gradually increase your activity levels without experiencing heightened pain.
  • Gradual Return to Daily Activities: Allowing you to slowly reintegrate into your normal routines and hobbies, enhancing your quality of life.
  • Improved Motor Function: Even in the absence of pain, mirror therapy can enhance the motor functionality of painful body parts in some conditions.


Phase 3:  Too Hot to Handle

Reduce PAIN FLARE-UPS, Improve Motor Function, Enhance activity tolerance over 2-4 weeks

Phase 4:  Neurodynamics

Reduce Pain, Decreased Nerve Sensitization, Improved Sensation and Range of Motion over the course of 2 -3 weeks


  • Pain Reduction: Neurodynamic techniques can relieve neural tension and reduce pain in conditions where nerve irritation or compression is a factor.
  • Decreased Neural Sensitization: Chronic pain states can involve heightened sensitivity of the nervous system. Neurodynamics can help in modulating this heightened response.
  • Reduced Neural Adhesions: Following injuries or surgeries, adhesions can form that tether nerves. Neurodynamics can help in breaking down these adhesions.
  • Promotion of Nerve Healing: Mobilization can promote blood flow and healing to injured neural tissues.


Phase 5:  Therapeutic Flow

Pain reduction, Improved breathing pattern, mobility, flexibility, mind-muscle connection, strength, balance, over the course of 8 weeks


Week 1: Neck

Neck Flexibility 

Week 5: Spine


Week 2: Upper Back

Posture improvement

Week 6: Upper legs(entire body!)

Touch your toes

Week 3: Shoulder

Shoulder Mobility and Strength

Week 7: Knees


Week 4: Hip

Hip Rotation

Week 8: Ankles and Feet

Single leg Balance training


By the end of this phase, you will have built confidence and heightened the awareness of how each body part moves. Rinse and repeat this phase a few times – or forever – to  achieve and keep a fully functional body


It also Includes



With Dipti

I have the created Therapeutic Pain Relief Program to be

the fastest, easiest way for you to go from anxious and depressed to calm and hopeful. 

I also created it to be  supportive.  That’s why TPRP includes 10 weeks of live group coaching.

Got a question? Doubts? Uncertainties? Something – anything – not making sense? 

Not clear on how to do particular exercise? Or whether you’re moving in the right direction? Or how a particular solution works specifically for you? 


But that’s not all

I Have Some Extra


The 5 phases of TPRP will completely transform the way you approach your pain problem. But that’s only the beginning. 

When you join Therapeutic Pain Relief Program, you will also get 3 MASSIVE Bonus  to make your progress even faster and your success even easier with tools that simplify everything you do!



Sleep Smarter

Sleep Smarter: $97

  • Must practice sleep hygiene checklist 
  • Guide to make informed decisions on mattresses and pillows to ensure optimal body support and comfort.
  • Discover the best positions for sleep to minimize pain and maximize rest.
  • Reflect, record, and recognize patterns with journal tables designed to track your sleep habits and improvements.
  • Refine your bedtime routines to pave the way for a restful night.
  • Tips on creating a bedroom environment conducive to pain relief and deep sleep. 


Inside Out Stress Management: $60

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your emotions and stress triggers
  • Learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries for enhanced well-being
  • Cultivate mindfulness techniques to stay grounded in the present moment
  • Operate from a place of inner wisdom and higher self-awareness
  • Build strong habits that support a consistent and effective self-care routine
  • Experience reduced stress, increased emotional resilience, and improved overall quality of life. 


Private Facebook Community

  • Ongoing support without all the BS pseudoscience.
  • Feel supported and accountable 
  • Timely replies and answer to  your questions


This program is 100% RISK-FREE, but full disclosure, there is one catch. You have to prove to my team that you did the work.  The reason is simple: nothing works unless you use it. People confuse acquiring with accomplishing. They buy a program and think they’re taking action. But 90 days later – during which time they haven’t joined the live/replay lessons or submitted their homework – they’re calling for a refund, convinced the product didn’t work. 

LISTEN, Nothing Will Work For You if You Do Nothing.

All those 90-day, risk-free-guarantee refunds create a lot of payment processing headaches for my team and my business. So if you’re not planning to do the work and take the steps in this program, then save your money. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but seriously, we mean it. 


If you commit to taking action, then this is one of the most generous guarantees you will ever get  because it gives you:

…A full three months to go through all the videos. 

…A full three months to refine, implement, and practice the skills. 

…A full 90 days to get the help you need when you get stuck.

You get 90 days to go from wishing and hoping, to getting results, or you get your money back.

Simply email us at support@smartfunctionalfitness.com, let us know why you’re dissatisfied, show us the work you’ve done, and we’ll refund your entire investment. 

If that’s not generous, then I don’t know what is.


Therapeutic Pain Relief Program is Definitely NOT for Everyone

This program might not be for you if:

  1. You Experience Severe Symptoms: If your symptoms are intense and you find it challenging to tolerate any amount of physical activity, the TPRP – Membership Program might be a better fit for your needs.

  2. Commitment Concerns: Real change requires a commitment. If you’re unable to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day, this program might not yield the results you’re hoping for.

  3. Pelvic Pain Predominance: This program doesn’t primarily focus on addressing pelvic pain. If this is your primary concern, there might be more specialized programs to suit you.

  4. Isolated Headaches: If you experience only headaches without any other body aches, this program might not be tailored to your unique needs.

  5. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & POTS: Individuals with conditions like Ehlers-Danlos or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) might require more specialized interventions.

Your well-being is our utmost priority. It’s essential to match with a program that aligns with your specific requirements. 

Get your life back with system that works
In our program, you won't encounter:
  • PT exercises and stretches that cause pain
  • Vagus Nerve exercises
  • One-size-fits-all return-to-exercise programs
  • Overwhelming amounts of journaling
  • Somatic tracking or PRT
  • The notion that you can simply 'think' away pain
  • Restrictive diets or questionable supplements
  • Over-reliance on gadgets







Therapeutic Pain Relief Program 


Therapeutic Pain Relief Program

$ 397 3 payments
  • Detail assessment of the pain problem: $597
  • 56 functional mobility exercises videos primarily designed for chronic pain: $560
  • Pain Neuroscience education videos:$297
  • Tactile Acuity Drills: $297
  • Graded Motor Imagery: $147
  • Digital template for pain management: $197
  • Neurodynamics: $47
  • Pacing Log: $147
  • 10 Weekly live coaching calls: $1600
  • Facebook Community
  • Sleep Restoration program to combat the chronic pain: $297

Your Most Popular Questions Answered:,
Below is the list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If, for some odd reason, you don’t see your questions,
Or email me at dipti@smartfunctionalfitness.com

This program is a unique approach to handling chronic pain from a neuroscience lens, something lacking in the healthcare industries today. It targets the nervous system for retraining, and with a deeper understanding of pain neuroscience education reduces worry, fear, and anxiety. Graded motor imagery and activity pacing play a vital role in reducing flare-ups.  There are 8 weeks of entire body functional mobility drills to restore the mobility and strength that has been impaired due to chronic pain.

First of all, this program is not a woo-woo, it’s not CBT, and it’s not a course on acceptance and hope. It’s not an exercise or a weight loss program, a diet, physical therapy, or hypnosis. I’m not going to try to sell you supplements or get you to only drink some green smoothies.

Traditional treatment methods all focus on structural and mechanical Fails. This program is different because it’s focused on addressing the nervous system changes that cause pain to persist. In other words, we’ll look at the “pain problem” not the “tissue issue”. We provide specific nervous system re-training drills and strategies to your toolbox. Not only that, we restore entire body mobility and strength with step-by-step functional mobility drills.  I’m here to teach you to view pain through the lens of the nervous system so you can better understand what your body is trying to tell you. With this insight you can re-train your nervous system on your own without fear or anxiety.

You will have access to the core content, weekly coaching calls, and private community group for 16 weeks. You will have ongoing access to the resources and exercise library for the lifetime of the program.

No, I don’t take insurance because the medical industry is significantly limited in providing the care that chronic pain sufferers need. With my unique approach, I can provide better care without the restrictions and the red tape put in place by insurance companies and the healthcare system. I started the online program because the healthcare system hurt people and it just isn’t set up to support a holistic science-based approach.   

I can guarantee that you will get better service, education, and support than you will get in the traditional healthcare system. I know cost is a big concern for most people. Book a consultation call so we can discuss the value of this program and what your next step should be.

The Therapeutic Pain Relief Program is made up of Phases that start with a personalized assessment of each individual’s particular situation and then progresses through 5 more segments to learn more about how your nervous system has been affected by pain and provide drills and support to reverse those changes and get back to pain-free activities.

When you enroll you will create a login to the program and continue to a simple-to-use website where you will find course content with all the learning lessons and action tasks. This same site is where you will hang out in our private community and where you can jump on our weekly group coaching calls. 

The learning lessons will teach you about the changes that occurred in the nervous system that causes the pain to persist, and the action tasks will teach you how to address those changes with drills and strategies based on neuroscience. Not only that, we work on eight separate functional mobility drills (from head to toe!) to improve the musculoskeletal system.  By the end of the program, you will have a bunch of new tools and knowledge organized into a framework that’s sustainable. 

My goal is to help you learn, and I understand that everyone has a different learning style. The content is delivered in multiple ways to help you learn best – whether that’s watching a video lesson or reading the handouts or both at the same time.

In order to answer this question, we need to talk about how you would define success with this program and what it would mean to you if this program did not work.  If your expectation is to be hundred percent pain-free at the end of 16 weeks with little effort on your part, then this program isn’t for you. 

But if you expect to gain a deeper insight into what is going on in your body, gain new evidence-based ways to actually treat pain (not just how to cope with it), better identify your triggers, knowledge of how to handle flare-ups, reduce pain intensity, have more good days than bad days, improve energy, improve sleep, reduce fear and anxiety aboutyour pain, and be more active with less pain – AND you put in the effort to learn the material and practice the drills and strategies inside – there is no doubt in my mind that this program WILL WORK  no matter your diagnosis and no matter what you have tried before. 

Because if your expectation is to be hundred percent pain-free at the end of 16 weeks otherwise the program did not work, then this program isn’t for you. 

But if you expect to gain a deeper inside into what is going on in your body gain new evidence-based ways to actually treat (not just how to cope with it), Better identify your triggers, how to handle flareups, reduce pain intensity, a more good day is that bad day, improve energy, improve sleep, reduce fear and anxiety around your pain, and be more active with less pain…..   And you put in the effort to learn the material and practice the drills and strategies inside…..  There is no doubt in my mind that this program WILL WORK  no matter your diagnosis and no matter what you have tried before. 

I offer a full 100% 16 weeks money-back guarantee.

I am so confident that this program gives you better ways to manage your pain that if you’re not happy with the program after completing the first two phases and completing the corresponding assignments, have submitted questions to free coaching calls and have participated in the community group, you will receive a refund of the entire program without further questions asked. 

I am a physical therapist with 23 years of experience working with joints and muscle pain the entire time. I am also a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Yoga teacher, and Orthopedic manual therapist. I have been working at the  Hospital for 10 years, primarily treating chronic pain patients. 

Smith Joy's Progress report
"My energy and motivation increased to get things done around the house.I'm taking better care of myself, although I still have pain and difficulties, feel better about myself. Dipti, does excellent job, even when having problems, the positive feedback she gives is so helpful and reassuring."
Joy Smith
56 Years old

My Therapeutic Pain Relief Philosophy

I graduated in 2001 from Srinivas College in India with a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. After completing a traditional master’s program in orthopedic physical therapy from Oakland University, MI, I went through extensive training in manual therapy techniques, Therapeutic Pain Specialist, yoga instruction, segmental functional mobility assessment, and much more. 

Nowadays, I work in a  hospital’s outpatient physical therapy department as chronic pain physical therapist. On the side, I offer online programs, bootcamps, workshops, masterclass to resolve disabling chronic pain and help people regain active, pain-free days. My mission is to help those frustrated and disappointed with traditional medical treatments and provide them with a comprehensive, holistic treatment approach to heal inside out, alleviate pain, and establish sustainable, pain-free, active days, and dare to say, a pain-free life.

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