Personalized attention to Pain-Free Normal Active Days

Therapeutic Pain Relief

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice (In person or Online)

Holistic Healing

Naturally relieve the pain without toxic side effects of medications or serious risk from procedure. Will address stress, sleeping and diet to heal inside out.

Transparent Pricing

You will always know the price of each visit. There are no surprise bills! Packages are also available at a discount.

Shorter wait times

No more waiting 2-3 weeks for a physical therapy appointment. We will be in direct contact with you to get scheduled.

Does this sound like you??

STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY. And Let’s treat your pain with best Solution.

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Reclaim your PAIN-FREE fearles active life


I've created the solution to help you heal 10x faster with 23 years of experience!

Back pain



Initial Evaluation

  • A personalized 60-minute 1-on-1 assessment with discussion of personal medical history and goals

  • Entire Body musculoskeletal evaluation

  • May include Tactile Acuity  assessment depending on needs

  • Exercise program provided for home use

Physical therapy followup


Follow-Up Visits

  • A personalized 60-minute visit for manual work, exercises, and education

  • Pricing includes cupping, dry needling, or any other manual work depending on the goals and plan of care at no added cost

  • Nervous system retraining is also included for long lasting pain relief
dry needling


30-minute Dry Needling Visit

  • May only be done after an initial evaluation

  • For the aches and pains that come up with training, maintenance, or just to feel your best

Therapeutic Pain Relief will help You Will Achieve

Move more & confidently

without fear of what might happen next,
enjoy walks, hikes, gardening, and exercise without risking flare-ups

Improved sleep

Rejuvenate each night without being awakened by pain.

lasting Pain relief

Completely transform the way you think and handle your pain problem, and become equipped with tools and strategies to handle flare ups

Enjoy a social life

and schedule Events Without The Fear Of Needing To Cancel

It Is Time To Combat The Pain For Good,

Just Like These  Pain Warriors

I had Knee pain and Lower back pain. I had a total of 8 surgeries on my L knee. I struggle with walking and standing for extended periods. After 5 weeks, my ROM improved, my gait was almost normal, and I was able to move a lot better; even if I get stiff, it loosens up much faster.
43 years old
Dipti did a phenomenal job in 10 sessions, I can get down and up from the floors with much less pain and smoothly. I sleep better. I am much more flexible.
Marie D.
53 Years old
I had right knee pain. I have more range of motion in my knee and not only that, my entire body feels more mobile and great. My knee doesn’t grind much and I'm able to squat down deeper. Able to get on the floor and get up without much difficulty. Dipti is a very knowledgeable, very informative, and excellent instructor. She takes time to educate and gives you many examples to make sure you understand clearly.
Robert Carrington
76 Years old
I had knees, legs, and back pain for some time. I had difficulty with bending over, squatting, stair climbing, and kneeling. In 8 weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the reduction of daily pain, more range of motion, increased flexibility, and the ability to bend over, kneel, and squat much deeper with a lot less pain. Not taking any pain medications currently. Dipti is a tremendous physical therapist who works with you on an individual basis. One of the BEST I have ever had!
64 years old

3 Steps to claim PAIN-FREE active life

Identify The Source Of Pain

Find out whether your pain is structural, mechanical, or neurologic with special testing.

Relieve The Pain

Via Manual Therapy, Dry needling, Nervous System Retraining, Pain Neuroscience Education

Improve The Function

Improve mobility, Greater strength, and Better Balance Via Functional Mobility Methods

Your most popular questions, answered.


No, I don’t take insurance because the traditional medicine is significantly limited in providing the care that most pain sufferers need. With my unique approach, I can provide better care without the restrictions and the red tape put in place by insurance companies and the healthcare system. I started the private practice because the healthcare system hurt people and it just isn’t set up to support a holistic science-based approach.   

I can guarantee that you will get better service, education, and support than you will get in the traditional healthcare system. I know cost is a big concern for most people. Book a consultation call so we can discuss the value of this program and what your next step should be.

No! Missouri is a direct-access state which means you are able to see a licensed physical therapist without a physician or provider referral/script. If the plan of care extends past 30 days, then a referral will be required. Your provider can send the PDF copy of the script at 201-681-9358 or email at dipti@smartfunctionalfitness.com

We accept cash, credit card, healthy savings (HSA), or flexible savings accounts (FSA) for physical therapy services.

A movement assessment will be performed, so wear something comfy and non-restrictive.

Call or text us at 201-681-9358 and will send you the address of the location. 



Book consultation, risk-free

Don't pay if you are not satisfied with the consultation.
We are cash-based practice which means you will always know the price of the visit prior to the session. There are no up-charges for any services performed.

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