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TENS for chronic pain management

How To Use TENS For Chronic Pain Management

TENS unit is 50 YEARS OLD modalities in the pain management, it doesn’t cure the pain but can be very effective in pain management during flare ups with out any side effects.

n this 14-page book, you’ll discover
What is TENS unit
How does the TENS unit works?
TENS unit Benefits
Precautions of the TENS unit
How to set up the TENs unit
Electrode Placement

Exercise principles to reduce chronic pain

Blog Post

Exercise can be an effective way to reduce pain and improve mobility over time, but sometimes it can aggravate chronic low back pain. 

It’s important to understand the principles behind proper exercise in order to calm the nervous system and properly target low back issues without causing further injury. This article will discuss five key principles you must follow for exercises to reduce low back pain effectively and safely.

Mission of the Therapeutic Pain
relief Programs

For Chronic Pain Sufferers Struggling With Stubborn Back, Neck, Fibromyalgia or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome where Pain Longer Than 3 Years

My MOST Comprehensive Step By Step System Helps You To Uncover Your Pain Problem And Treat Stubborn Join/Muscle Pain To Give Lasting Pain Relief 

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