Therapeutic Pain Programs

Move Better, Feel Stronger and Live Healthier
Tactile acuity

Therapeutic pain relief

Comprehensive Pain Program to have :

Lasting Pain Relief: Completely transform the way you think and handle your pain problem.

Move More & with Confidence: without fear of what might happen next,
enjoy walks, hikes, gardening, and exercise without risking flare-ups

16 weeks Program

Pay in 3 interest-free installments of $147

Femoral glides

Therapeutic Mobility MEMBERSHIP

Addresses the entire body’s functional mobility from literally head to toe, so you can

➡️ Move confidently without fear of what might happen next

➡️ Enjoy walks, hikes, and exercise without risking flare-ups.

➡️  Able to bend over, squat, get on the floor and get up without arm support. 

➡️ Able to go up and down the stairs without side rails, step over the step 


Monthly installments of $48

Fibro Yoga Bundle

Fibro Yoga Bundle

In just a few minutes each day:

☑️ Reduce Stress,

☑️ Alleviates The Pain,

☑️ Enhance Sleep,

☑️ Relieves The Muscle Tone, Tension, And Achiness

☑️Deepen The Mind-Body Connection

☑️Better grip on nasty flare-ups.

Immediate Access >>

Only 27 

21 Days Hip Mobility

21 Days Hip Mobility 

Improve flexibility and Mobility in your hips to relieve back, hip, or knee pain IN JUST 21 Days.  

☑️ Sit effortlessly with your legs crossed for yoga, meditation, or a simple picnic lunch for more than 5 minutes!

☑️ Get up and down from the floor without struggle.

☑️ Enjoy a life of increased independence and confidence.

☑️ Squat, kneel, and bend over easily to repair work without physical limitations.

☑️ Gain confidence, lead a more active life, boost your self-esteem, and improve your overall health.

21 Days Challange 

for $47

Diet E Book

Therapeutic Diet Plan EBOOK

Harness the power of herbs and natural foods full of life energy to heal inside out.

➡️ Reverse chronic inflammation so you can heal from disease processes like arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis. 

➡️  Beat the bloating, fatigue, and digestive problems.

➡️  Resolve skin issues – especially rashes, itchy skin, Psoriasis, and eczema.

➡️ Alleviate sinusitis and breathe better. 

➡️  Eliminate migraines, allergies, bags under the eyes, mental health and mood disorders, and more.

Pain/symptoms logbook

Pain & Symptoms Logbook

From chaos and confusion to masting Pain Control. Achieve Effective Pain Management:

✓ Get Consistency In Pain Management.

✓  Proactively Handle Flare-Ups.

  Keep the Health Log In One Place. 

✓  Simplify Doctor Visits And Optimize Outcomes.

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