To Reverse the Chronic Inflammation

Therapeutic Diet Plan Ebook for $18

Optimizes your healing and speedy recovery from injury, surgery, or a painful condition.

Harness the power of herbs and natural foods full of life energy to heal inside out.

  • Reverse chronic inflammation so you can heal from disease processes like arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, 
  • Beat the bloating, fatigue, and digestive problems.
  • End the silent torture of Irritable Bowel syndrome 
  • Reduce the likelihood of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 
  • Resolve skin issues – especially rashes, itchy skin, Psoriasis, and eczema.
  • Alleviate sinusitis and breath better. 
  • Eliminate migraines, allergies, bags under the eyes, mental health and mood disorders, and more.

"When diet is wrong, medicine is no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need"
- Ayurvedic Proverb

Eating plan to reduce the inflammation

Who is this for?

If you are  tired of feeling bloated, inflamed, fatigued, feeling sluggish, swelling in your legs, IBS symptoms, Lack of energy, sluggish, disgusting? 


If you want to stop eating processed packaged, inflammatory food, canned, and frozen foods? 


If you are looking to dramatically reduce your pain, fatigue, and inflammation through natural healing, you are in the right place! 


The this plan will do wonders for you!

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Therapeutic Eating Plan to Reverse the Chronic Inflammation

$ 18 1 time investment
  • What is included:
  • 135+ vegan inculding high protein Recipes
  • Tailored Meal plans to combat illness and boost health.
  • Supplement guide for optimal health without breaking bank.
  • Maximize medicinal benefits with smart food combinations.
  • Learn the art of eating for optimal gut health.


Eating plan to reduce inflammation

135+ Vegan Plant Based Recipes

  • Healing Tea to tincture 
  • Vegan Milk 
  • Juices 
  • Smoothies 
  • Breakfast recipes 
  • High protein meals 
  • Healing soups 
  • Sprouts and salad
  • Dips and Sauces 
  • Healthy Deserts 
  • Fermented Recipes 

Meal plan: 

To cure the disease 

  • Happy Disease Plan
  • The Healing Plan 
  • The Lifestyle plan 
  • The building plan
Eating plan to reduce the inflammation

5 Therapeutic Food Principles. 

  1. Eat living foods: Food that is full of live energy
  2. Eat wholesome foods: Foods that come straight from the nature
  3. Eat mostly plant-based foods 
  4. Eat water-rich foods: Juicy fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and enable the body to function properly.
  5. Eat balanced food: Proper ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat is essential to make the body function optimally. 

Anti-inflammatory foods and Herbs 

Alkaline vs. Acidic food

  • Checklist of Inflammatory foods
  • Check list of Anti-inflammatory Foods
  • Check list of Anti-inflammatory Herbs
  • Checklist of Alkaline foods
  • Checklist of Acidic Foods

Balanced diet of  macro & micro nutrients: 

  • Complex carbohydrates
  • The vegan source of lean protein
  • Healthy Fats
  • Probiotics

It is not all about the types of food but: 

  • Rules to prepare the Therapeutic food 
  • 6 laws of food combining 
  • How you eat is more important than what you eat 
  • Understanding digestion 

Supplements Guide

From recommended to optional

Strength Training Workout plan 

Includes 30+ videos of strength training exercises, Ab workouts and Stretching 

Dive into a collection of over 135+ recipes, each packed with high-protein goodness, designed to fuel your body and aid in healing.

This isn’t just a cookbook; it’s a comprehensive guide to transforming your health.

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